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oh my god

As a person from California, this is 100% accurate

As a person from Michigan, this is 100% accurate

As a person from England I was so confused because I forgot you use the Fahrenheit system 

50 degrees in England 

100 degrees in England


I don’t know why I found the skeletons so funny, it’s almost like they’re dancing really sarcastically?

they’re british skeletons of course they’re dancing sarcastically. 

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“You don’t graduate from anything, you just progress. And most training isn’t simulated; it’s all done for real. You just start out with the light work and get deeper and heavier. We’re just starting on some of the important stuff, surveillance, communication.”
“Like what, specifically?”
“We had to observe the vomitorium at a coprophagiac colony by smell alone,” Veikko said solemnly.
Valhalla by Ari Bach (via facts-i-just-made-up)

Today’s Best Videos (July 23, 2014)




A guy is taking his girlfriend to prom. He waits in the ticket line for a really long time but gets them. He goes to rent a limo. The rental line is really long but he eventually does it. He goes to buy her flowers. The line at the florist is really long but eventually he gets the flowers. At prom, she asks him to go get punch. He goes to the refreshment table and there’s no punchline.

you’ve got to be kidding me

I am in physical pain

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